Three Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Home Movie System In A NYC Condo Apartment

If you live in a condo apartment, then you need to take your neighbors into account when designing your home movie theater system; you'll also be working with limited space. Some things will be the same whether you have neighbors or live in a house (a comfortable chair and a big flat screen television) but other things will be different. It doesn't matter if you live in a 5-bedroom mansion on a hundred acres or if you have a studio apartment, you should still opt for a nice HDTV (preferably one that is 4k ready, with OLED for deeper colors). But other things such as noise proofing and mounting options are important when building a home theater system in a condo. Here's what to consider.

Acoustic Wall Panels

In order to keep the noise from reverberating into your neighbors' walls, you should get some acoustic wall panels. These are decorative panels that catch the bass frequency and will prevent the sound from bothering your neighbors. The last thing you need is for your neighbor to call the police and report a disturbance. So be a considerate neighbor and put up wall panels. They come in lots of colors and designs, so they look like wall art.

Speaker Platforms Or Wall Mounts

This is especially important if you live in a wood frame building. You never want to lay the speakers down on wood floors. Your downstairs neighbors will be rightfully outraged. So, if you don't feel like putting down a carpet, you should place the speakers on wall mounts. This will raise them above the floor so it's not sending the sound right down through your neighbors' ceiling.

Flush Wall Mount For Your Flat Screen

This one is more of a space saver and for your benefit, not your neighbors. You don't want to have a flat screen TV stand because it will take up too much space. Instead, get a wall mount that will hold the TV flush against the wall. The mount should be accordion in design so you can move it away from the wall and angle it for better viewing.

Infrared Headphone Setup

If you are a night owl, then you might want to get an infrared headphone setup. These can be connected to the rear of your flat screen TV via the HDMI inputs. With this connected, you can wear cordless headphones and lay in bed, or on your couch, and watch action movies or horror movies as loud as possible late into the night. Otherwise, those blood curling screams from your favorite slasher film might bother some people at 3 in the morning.